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One Simple Bowling Tip That Can Add 20 Pins To Your Score Now

Bowling , like many other sports requires focus and accuracy.

All bowlers have targets that they try to roll their ball over.  For some it is an arrow. For others it is between two arrows. And some players rely on a dot on the foul line.

When bowlers are "in the zone" they are getting their ball to their target(s) consistently.

They are relaxed, focused, confident and they are tuning out any negative thoughts or any distractions.

Many of the bowlers that I have counseled find it helpful to to imagine their target in a favorite color.  You can also train your mind to see the target as being larger than it is in reality.

You can also imagine the target in a different shape.  You can imagine a smiling face on your target.  Pick any symbol or image that is positive and fun to look at.

Some golfers like to imagine that the hole is their favorite color and that the hole is two or three times its actual size.  This can be very useful on long putts or when chipping.

If you are interested in hypnosis, sports psychology and the mental side of bowling, you might like this program.

How To Bowl In The Zone With Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis.

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