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How To Improve At Bowling With Music And Sports Psychology

Every sport has a rhythm and a tempo.

Golf has a rhythm.

Boxing has a rhythm.

Basketball has a rhythm.

Bowlers, like athletes from other sports, need to identify, the right rhythm, tempo and energy level they need to bowl their best.

Several years ago, some interns who were working for me interviewed about 140 high school and college athletes from a wide range of sports.

Approximately, 95 per cent of them, used music as part of their mental and physical training.

Some athletes felt they needed more energy.

Others felt they needed to be calm and relaxed whey they competed.

Bowlers need to identify the tempo and the pace that allows them to be well-balanced, relaxed, confident, focused and in a pleasant state of mind when they compete.

They need to approach the foul line with the right energy and speed.

It can be very useful to identify a song or a playlist that helps you to "get into the zone and stay in the zone."

Integrating your approach with your ball release in crucial and music can you to find "the right gear" for your game.

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