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I am the teaching pro at Drive 495 in New York City.
I am a golf pro from Argentina who came to USA in pursuit of a PGA tour dream. My family is a big golf family where two of my three brothers are also touring pros in South America. My dad, a form scratch player, who at the age of 82 still has a one digit handicap.
After having some very good results in the Metropolitan PGA section this year, and almost making the US Open, I spoke to my coach, Robert Baker, and my personal trainer, Don Saladino. We all agreed that I needed mental training to get me to the goal I had dreamt about my whole life.
A few months ago, I go in touch with Dr. Granat because I really like the simple way he approaches your issues whether they are personal problems or golf problems.
At the level that I complete at, what makes the difference is not the way you swing a club or the brand or model of clubs you are using or how strong you are and how far you hit the ball. You can see this very clearly when you watch golf tournaments on television featuring the finest players in the world.
Rather, it is the power of your mind, your strong desire and the control of your emotions what will get you to the top of your game.
It is your inner game and your attitude. After just a few sessions with Dr. Granat, you will see great results. That is what impressed me the most about Dr. Granat.
All golfers want to see results right away and I am not the exception. With Dr. Granat's advice, help and techniques, I saw results immediately. His hypnotic techniques and advice helped me right away.
Don't wast more time and money on stuff that you don't really need. He can help you take your golf fame where you want to take it.
Pedro Benenati, Drive 495

Dr. Jay Granat

Regarding the Golf seminar: Lower your score in one hour using mental techniques

The PaineWebber Wellness Program would like to extend our thank you for the informative and results-oriented seminar you provided to our New Jersey employees.

As evaluations indicate, your program was well received, and exceeded expectations. It was wonderful to have received such a high number of registrations from a diverse group of employees. I was even more pleased that 81% of registrants attended the program, far exceeding industry standards.

Again, thank you for a job well done. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Kristine Holbrook, M.Ed.

Dear Dr. Granat,

On behalf of the golf members of Alpine Country Club, I wish to thank you for your excellent "Mental Toughness" seminar of August 9.

Those members who attended were awarded with an informative and entertaining program which provided much insight into the "Inner" game. Since the seminar, I have gotten much positive feedback, chiefly concerning your amazing putting demonstrations of mind over body and your quick tips for golf success.

Again, thanks for spending the Saturday afternoon at Alpine Country Club; and we hope we can arrange another seminar soon.


Gary Danback

Dr. Granat:

I don't know if you remember me or not. I ordered your CD back in March, early April. My son has been listening to the CD's and we have definitely seen an improvement in his game. He seems more confident and less stressed when things don't go his way. I am grateful.

I've been so pleased with the CD that I recommend it to a co-worker whose son goes to a different high school than mine. His son suffers from the same issues as my son. I was telling him what a difference we have seen in our son's attitude and performance and he is considering ordering the CD for his son as well.

Thank you again

Cindy Taylor

Hello Dr. Granat!

I have been using the 2 volume CD for about 3 months now and its awesome what it has done for me. It might be irrelevant, but I race downhill mountain biking and it has helped me achieve a higher level of confidence when coming down the mountain and overcoming obstacles I couldn't before.

I was wondering how much is each personal session and how the appointments are set with you. I’m racing the U.S. Open this year and I’d like some counseling before the event, which is on May 28th. I’d also like some info about your seminars, I live in NJ so I’d like to assist to some of them.

Well Dr., thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

Victor Giusfredi

Dear Jay,
I had one of my many sales workshops that I’ve been doing around the country for over 5 years. Normally, I love doing this workshop.
But this time, my client was one of my more difficult clients. Although he’s a great person, he can’t help himself when it comes to micromanaging everything and everybody. He’s overly attached to the demand for perfection which means he wants to rewrite everything. Frankly, he was destroying my workshop, getting me nuts and disrupting my usual self-confidence and healthy aggression!
This is not a good thing for a speaker. I pride myself on being self-confident and taking control of the room when I’m delivering a workshop. It got so bad I debated canceling the workshop and then I remembered one of your segments from the “In the Zone” CD set.
The one that struck me as important at this juncture was the one about imaging myself in front of the fire and drawing the feeling of being a warrior. It returned me to a proper aggressive attitude.
I found the courage to tell the client, “I’ve been doing this workshop for over 5 years to rave reviews the way it is. These same rave reviews are why you hired me. Trust me to do it my way and trust that ultimately it will be best for you, your company.” The way I said it must have connected with him because he immediately apologized and told me to do what I felt was in his best interest.
The workshop that I was dreading turned out to be one of the very best I’ve ever done and his shop is already reaping the benefits of what I taught them. I wanted to share this with you and your other clients.
Thanks for sharing your system for success with me.
Al Levi

Dear Dr. Granat,

It is indeed a pleasure to recommend to all golfers that they should find time in their everyday schedule to absorb your method of Sports Psychology.

Your recently produced audio tape: How to Lower Your Golf Score With Self-Hypnosis and Sport Psychology Psychology, is a winner. Being in the golf industry for more years than I would like to admit, your presentation brought fresh air to this skeptic's mind.

The method you elegantly explain, gently directs your mental acumen into an aura of focused relaxation and the much needed formula to achieve concentration. The word frustration should vaporize!

As an instructor, player and businessman of this mysterious game for many years, I feel fortunate to have been introduced to your gimmick-free method. Thank you!

Sincerely Yours,

Joseph A. Walker III

...And Here Is What People Say About Joe Walker....
"Joseph Walker's innovative teaching system is the only one I know of that caters directly to a player's natural instincts, and instantly teaches you to play by feel - just like the pros."
John Andrisani: Renowned author of instructional books, including The Four Cornerstones of Winning Golf with Butch Harmon, Tiger Wood’s coach, The Tiger Woods Way, Total Shotmaking with Fred Couples, and The Eight Step Swing with world-renowned teacher Jim McLean.
"Joseph Walker can really communicate the game of golf."
Tommy Bolt: one of the all-time greatest shotmakers and winner of the 1958 United States Open Championship.
"Mr. Walker has taught me more than the secrets to a good swing. Finally, I am not scared of those damn bunkers, any more.”
HSH Prince Rainier of Monaco
“Joe Walker is an excellent teacher – and player.”
Oscar Fraley: Former Editor-in-Chief – The Sentor Golfer (Magazine).

Dear Dr. Granat,

Thank you for all your help with the mental part of my game.

You taught me how to relax, concentrate, stay focused and compete with greater intensity. Every serious golfer can perform better if they follow your advice and use your methods to stay positive and confident.

Working with you one to one was super and I really love listening to the tapes before a tournament. Feel free to use this letter in your promotional efforts.


Lee Richardson

  • Two Time Metropolitan Public Links Champion, 1993-1994
  • Suburban Cup Champion, 1996
  • Four Time Passaic County Amateur Champion
  • Four Time Top Ten Amateur, State of New Jersey
  • Runner-Up, New Jersey Mid-Amateur, 1996
  • Played on 1994 Compher and Stoddard Cup team for New Jersey
  • Represented the Metropolitan Golf Association in the 1995 International Team Championship in Lima, Peru


Dear Jay,

Thanks for sending me the audio tape series “How to Lower Your Golf Score…”. When I received your tapes, I was anxious to give your 7 day program a try. Just before receiving the tapes, I was mired in an awful slump having just shot 86, 94 and 97 in a row. I was frustrated with my game but fortunately I have learned from playing golf over the years how mentally tough this game can be.

So, instead of my usual way of dealing with my slump by banging golf balls and night, I decided to just enjoy golf, trust my swing and allow my unconscious mind work as you advise in the tapes. Well, I’m pleased to report that after two weeks of listening to your tapes, I shot consecutive scores of 81 and tied for first in a Pro-Member tournament.

I highly recommend this tape series to anyone who suffers from time to time with a slump like I endured. Also, anyone who feels they may not be getting all they could from their golf potential because of mental mistakes. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Yours truly,

Alan Levi

Dear. Dr. Granat

Your talk "How to Stay Mentally Tough Without Getting Violent" was incredibly well received by the one hundred student-athletes who attended your workshop.

The information on "Performance Enhancement, Sport Psychology and Anger Management" was easy to understand and very useful. your evaluations were superb.

The audience enjoyed your sense of humor and your highly interactive presentation. Athletes learned how to play better and how to manage their emotions in an effective manner.

I can gladly recommend you as an outstanding speaker and I hope that you will be a presenter for NJSIAA again int he near future.

Sincerely Yours,

Ernest J. Finizio, Jr
Assistant Director, NJ State Athletic Association

Dear. Dr. Granat

Thank you for your excellent and most informative presentation on Ericksonian hypnosis. I know that the knowledge our participants were able to reap from your presentation will be a most valuable asset for them in their future endeavors. Most especially enjoyed were your demonstrations utilizing hypnotic phenomena and its relationship to athletes. You received high praise from all the participants.

I would highly recommend you to any institute or organization seeking to obtain knowledge about improving or attaining peak performance through hypnosis.

We were so impressed with the expertise and quality of your presentation that I would like to extend an invitation to you to return and do another seminar. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


Dr. Anthony Scannella,
Director of Professional Development, Foundation for Education Administration, Inc.

Dear. Dr. Granat

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Just wanted to thank you so much for the time and effort you've extended me. It's rare to find someone who can help me enjoy my leisure time and help me improve my practice at the same time.

I wish I could take you out on the golf course every time I go out. It's really great the way you were able to get me to focus on my swing and my golf game. I know you showed me things that I can use every time I go out.

I'm also thrilled that you were able to get me to focus better on my practice management skills. You've given me valuable ideas for attracting more patients who fit into my style of practicing dentistry. Likewise the ideas and concepts in your book and in your audio are both innovative and practical.

Thanks again,

Arthur Weinberg, DDS
Prosthodontics, General Dentistry

Dear. Dr. Granat

Although I cannot put my hands on the evaluations of your class of March 1998, there is no gap in my memory of the students' response. It was glowingly enthusiastic! We had immediate requests for a repeat performance. As I recall, people were intrigued with the psychology of your approach, your sense of humor, and the immediate feeling of walking away with a tangible strategy to apply to this elusive game. Not all our classes leave our clients totally satisfied. This one did!

We'll make sure to put copies of the evaluations in your hands following your presentation in Spring 2000.

Please call if you need further documentation.


Janise S. Calkin, Director
Greenwich Continuing Education

Dear. Dr. Granat

On behalf of the tennis membership of the Oritani Field Club, I wish to thank you for your excellent "Mental Toughness" seminar of June 13.

Those members who attended were rewarded with an informative and entertaining program, which provided much insight into the “inner” game. Since the seminar, I have gotten much positive feedback chiefly concerning your amazing demonstrations of mind over body, and your quick tips for tennis success.

For my part, it was a pleasure to assist you.

Again, thanks for visiting Oritani, and we hope we can arrange another seminar soon.


Joe Marchitto
Head Tennis Pro, Oritani Field Club

Dear. Dr. Granat

Just wanted to thank you for the sports achievement work you did with my sons, Bret and Jamie. As you can see from the enclosed newspaper clipping, their team won the Shore Conference Bowling Championship for the first time in the school’s history. Bret and Jamie were two of the five bowlers chosen to bowl in that championship match.

Prior to your sessions, both boys were having some difficulty getting back on track after a few bad frames. Your techniques helped them retain their focus and confidence in their abilities and enabled them to finally reach the goals they wanted to achieve.

I will certainly recommend your services any and every chance I get, and will call you in the future if we need a “booster” session.


Karen Conreras

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