Golf Tips: How To Be A Better Putter


Putting is a very mental task. It has very little to do with a golfer’s strength or size. Great putting is all about confidence, accuracy, focus, feel and relaxation. 39 Tips, Tools And Techniques To Cure The Yips, Find Your Line, Win More Tournaments And Eliminate Those Frustrating Three Putts.


How To Putt In The Zone With Sports Psychology And Self-Hypnosis

39 Tips, Tools And Techniques To Cure The Yips, Find Your Line, Win More Tournaments And Eliminate Those Frustrating Three Putts


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  • Are you sick of missing easy putts?
  • Are you losing tournaments because of your putting?
  • Are you struggling with the yips?
  • Would you like to be calm, focused and confident when you step on the greens?


Putting is very psychological. And putting problems can affect pros, single digit handicap players, college players, high school players and weekend warriors.

Now there is an easy to follow CD program that will show you how to use the CARE Method when you putt. CARE stands for confidence, accuracy, relaxation andenjoyment. These are the four mental components you need to putt effectively when the pressure is on.

Putting is quite mental. Sometimes, you can’t seem to find your line and you just don’t feel confident when you step over the ball. These are the days that you are “out of the zone” where your putting is concerned.

When you are in the zone, putting is easy. You see the line clearly and you stroke the ball smoothly and with confidence and focus.


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This program will show you how to putt in the zone

Developed by Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., who was named one of Golf Digest’s Top Mental Gurus, this 4 CD program shows you how to use sports psychology and self-hypnosis to get your mind and body into the right mental gear for putting effectively.

Dr. Granat has been featured in many major media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, The CBC, The BBC, ESPN, The Iowa Golfer, The Huffington Post, The Star Ledger, The New York Post, The Bergen Record, Tennis View, Tennis, ESPN and Sports Illustrated.

He has coached professionals, Olympians, elite young athletes and weekend warriors. If you have any questions, you can reach him at 888 580-ZONE or at

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About Dr. Granat

Since 1978, Dr. Granat has counseled thousands of highly competitive athletes from many different sports. His clients have included golfers, tennis players, bowlers, runners, boxers, baseball players, basketball players, pool players, hockey players, ice skaters, wrestlers, fencers and martial artists. (Satisfied Clients) on this site. Now athletes who are struggling with choking, nervousness, lack of confidence, negative thoughts, self-doubt, lack of energy or concentration problems can get the help they need to excel in their respective sport by phone.
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