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Sports Psychology: How To Build Self Confidence In Just Three Hours

Posted by: Dr. Granat on May 5, 2016

     Who Needs To Be More Confident?

      After almost thirty years in practice, a wide range of people have come to see me to build their self confidence.  My patients have included Olympic Gold Medalists, Golf Pros, Tennis Pros, Gymnasts,
World Class Fencers, Mixed Martial Artists, Boxers, Wrestlers, Baseball Players, Figure Skaters, Pro Bowlers, Pool Players, Shooters, Track and Field Athletes, Swimmers, Skiers, Snowboarders, Surfers and Rodeo Cowboys and Cowgirls.

CEO's, Trial Lawyers, Professional Traders,  Public Speakers and Sales People have also reached out to me to learn how to stay calm, stay confidents and stay focused when they need to enter the zone and bring their  "A Game" to their profession.

In brief, anyone who wants to perform in the zone must believe in themselves and know how to be resilient after a setback.

I have recently developed a three hour boot camp designed to build self confidence quickly and efficiently.

This boot camp s techniques from   Gestalt Therapy, Self-Hypnosis, Dream Therapy, Visualization, Guided Imagery, Meditation and  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

In an afternoon or a morning participants can learn how to elevate their self confidence, how to  improve their focus and how to make mental shifts so they can perform to their fullest potential.

For more information about this boot camp, give me a call at 888 580-ZONE or email me at

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