Matt Harvey’s Pitching Slump: Can It Be Fixed?

Matt Harvey is off to a bad start for a pitcher with his stuff and his talent.

This kind of “pitching slump” is not uncommon for baseball players at all levels.

When pitchers can’t throw strikes, the ball feels uncomfortable in their hand.  Their legs don’t feel right and the strike zone seems very small to them.

Their minds start racing and they begin to doubt their ability and their control of their pitches.

Younger pitchers can become very preoccupied with what their manager, coach, teammates, fans and family members are thinking and saying about them.   These thoughts can become distractions and they can prevent pitchers from pitching in the zone and from finding the strike zone.

Over the years, I have helped lots of them to learn some simple mental techniques to stay calm, confident and stay focused on the mound.

I teach many of them to use self-hypnosis in the dugout, in the bullpen, in between pitches and on the mound.

I also help them to develop a mantra which acts as a trigger for them to get into the zone.

For more information and to get help with your pitching slump or your kid’s pitching slump, reach out to me at 888 580-ZONE or email me at

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