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How To Break A Hitting Slump In Just One Hour

Posted by: Dr. Granat on May 4, 2016

This time of year, I get lots of calls from players, parents of players and coaches regarding hitting slumps.

Over the years, I have helped professionals, minor leaguers, college players, high school baseball players and little leaguers to end hitting slumps.

A slump can be quite frustrating.  Many of the baseball players who come to see me have great swings. They have taken lots of hitting lessons, but they are having difficulty performing to their potential when the pressure is on.

   A Simple  Technique To Help Break Hitting Slumps 

        While there is not one perfect technique for ending a batting slump, several years ago I developed a method which seems to help lots of players very quickly and very efficiently.

           I basically hypnotize the athlete and utilize what is known as an age regression technique.

           In the hypnotic trance, I take them back to an earlier time in their life, (usually their childhood), and I help them to re-experience playing baseball when the game was fun, when they felt no pressure and when they did not think too much in the dugout, in the on deck circle and at the plate.

          Telling a baseball player or any athlete to "Just have fun out there," is not bad advice, but it usually will not get through to them in the same way that reliving the childhood experience in a deep state of relaxation and focus which hypnosis can easily produce for the player.

           The technique takes about twenty minutes and players can easily recreate it themselves with self-hypnosis once they are introduced to this method.

          Free Seminar-Demonstration

      On Monday, May 16, 7:00 PM, I will be teaching this technique to baseball players, parents of players and coaches. The seminar will be help at my offices.

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