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Sports Psychology For Basketball Players: 21 Common Problems

Posted by: Dr. Granat on February 12, 2016

Over the years, I have counseled many high school, AAU, collegiate and professional basketball players.

What are the common problems that these athletes need to deal with?

  1. Loss of confidence in their shooting
  2. Loss of focus in their shooting
  3. Not getting enough playing time
  4. Conflicts with their coaches
  5. Conflicts with teammates
  6. Being intimidated by other players
  7. Lack of resilience after a few disappointing games
  8. Where younger players are concerned, conflicts with parents and coaches are quite common.
  9. Lack of consistent mental routine prior to games
  10. Lack of a consistent mental routine prior to practice
  11. Tendency to practice what they are good at rather than what they need to improve
  12. Tendency to place too much on themselves
  13. Unwillingness to play aggressive defense
  14. Difficulty playing on the road in hostile gyms
  15. Difficulty tuning out negative distractions
  16. Poor foul shooting percentage
  17. Difficulty remaining calm, focused and confident during games
  18. Anxiety over being taken out of the game if the perform poorly
  19. Failure to perform well when being scouted by coaches from the next level
  20. Adjusting to playing at the next level
  21. Difficulty in setting realistic goals for a game and for a season


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