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Sports Psychology And Tennis: Six Tips To Improve Your Volley

Posted by: Dr. Granat on September 6, 2014

Several weeks ago, a tennis buddy of mine asked me for a tip to help him with his volley.
Many players make the mistake of over swinging when they are at the net.
I reminded him that less is more where the volley is concerned.
Here are the tips I gave him.
1. Do as little as possible in terms of motion.
2. Keep your hands out in front.
3. Watch the ball off your opponent's strings.
4. Continue to Watch the ball on to the center of your strings.
5. On your forehand volley, think about hitting the ball with your palm.
6. On the backhand side, think about hitting the ball with the back of your hand.
7. When you are struggling simply bend your knee and catch the ball on your strings as far out in front as possible.
Again, for many players, less is often more where this stroke is concerned.

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