Sports Psychology And Tennis: What Is The Least Used Shot In Tennis? Peter Burwash Interview

The US Open will start shortly and tennis players, the tennis media, and tennis fans will be intensively focused on this annual event based in New York City.

Tennis enthusiasts can probably have a lively debate as to the least utilized shot in tennis. Some will say it is the lob. Others might say it is a drop shot.
In order to get an answer from a top expert, I recently interviewed the legendary tennis coach, Peter Burwash. The head of Peter Burwash International, this tennis management company operates in thirty two countries.
Burwash is a United States Professional Tennis Association Master Professional and has coached many tennis players, including Venus Williams and Serena Williams, Greg Rusedski, Andrew Sznajder, and Sébastien Lareau when he won the gold medal in doubles with Daniel Nestor at the 2000 Olympics.
During his career, Peter has both played and coached in one hundred and thirty four countries.
Mr. Burwash, who is passionate about teaching people to play tennis for their lifetime, explained that the forehand slice is a very important and effective shot which is utilized by very few players these days.
While many players use a backhand slice, few are comfortable hitting the forehand with under spin.
Mr. Burwash believes that this shot can be a powerful weapon and it can make for a very effective approach shot which players can then follow into the net with the hope getting a ball that they can volley to end the point.
When executed properly this shot can stay low and force a tennis player to have to bend down low in order to get the ball back over the net. f
Interestingly, my tennis club has about one hundred and thirty members and I can not think of any player who hits this shot with consistency.
So, take it from the man who has coached some of the world’s top tennis players. Developing your forehand slice can help you take your game to that next level.

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