How To Break A Hitting Slump In Ninety Minutes


   Jay P. Granat, Ph.D.


   Over the years, I have worked with many baseball players and softball players on the mental part of the game.

      Frequently, the call I get is about a frustrating hitting slump.

Often, these slumps can be solved by teaching the batters how to place themselves in a hypnotic trance when they enter the game.  In this mental state, they are confident, focused, relaxed, in the present and there is an increased belief that they can crunch the baseball or the softball.

This time of year, I get calls from players, coaches and parents of players who are struggling with hitting slumps.

The callers say things like: “My kid is great in the cage, but terrible in games.”  Or-“I hit it great in practice, but I keep popping the ball up in games.”

Last week, I worked with a player who was struggling and lacking in confidence.  I taught him a simple hypnotic technique and in this case also suggested that the player listen to music prior to entering the game.

Yesterday, I had a player who was overly concerned with disappointing his coach. I placed him in a hypnotic trance and he discovered a simple way to tune out this distraction.

Many of these slumps can be solved in one therapy session.

Reach out to me if you want to end your slump or your child’s slump.

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Additional tools and techniques for ending hitting slumps can be found in the program below:

101 Ways to Break a Hitting Slump

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