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Hitting Tips, Batting Tips, Sports Psychology For Baseball Players: Can You Think And Hit At The Same Time?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on February 5, 2008

Some hitters and hitting coaches believe that you can not hit and think at the same time. And for some baseball players, this is probably true. Some hitters like to
simply allow their bodies and their athleticism to take over.
However, for many fine hitters what they do with their mind before the
get up to bat and when they actually bat, is quite crucial.
Some players like to have one thought in their mind:
I will only swing at something in the strike zone.
I am waiting on the fast ball.
I am going to foul off as many pitches as I can.
I know when this pitcher likes to throw his fast ball. I’m going to wait on that.
He struck me out on a slider last time. I am going to be looking for that now.
I will focus on the path of the ball very carefully.
It is important to go the opposite field with this pitcher.
He likes to throw outside to me, so I am going to be looking for that wide pitch.
Knowing what thought you need to have in your mind to hit well is important for
young hitters, collegiate players, minor leaguers and major league baseball players.
Thinking the right way can help to avoid prolonged hitting slumps.
Many hitting tips and batting tips which pertain to the psychology of hitting are
included in my program. 101 Ways To Break Out Of A Hitting Slump With Sport Psychology Techniques. Here is the link to learn more about this 3 CD program for
baseball players.
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