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"They Laughed When My Child Came Up To Bat."

Posted by: Dr. Granat on January 31, 2008

Some time ago, I got a call from a parent who was quite upset about the way her
son was treated by the opposing team when he came up to bat. Apparently, the
other boys made fun of her son because they knew he had been hitting quite poorly
of late. While this is not good sportsmanship, this kind of thing happens and this
concerned mother wanted to know what she could do to help her youngster.


Her child was a good athlete. He played a number of different sports. He is
from an athletic family and he was an excellent student. In fact, he was a straight
“A” student and was dreaming about playing baseball in the Ivy League.

I spoke to both the mom and dad and then I had a chat with the young man
who is fourteen years old. It seemed that his confidence was shattered after he
struck in the last inning with men on base. He had a chance to help his team win
the game, but he just didn’t hit in that situation.

He took his team’s loss personally and he had not felt comfortable at the plate
for more than a month.

To help this young man, I had a number of suggestions. I suggested that he do two
things. First, since his confidence was low and because he was having difficulty focusing
and relaxing at the plate, I recommended that he listen to my Stay In The Zone program.
Here is the link that describes this program.
I recommended that he listen to Chapters 19 and 20 to start.

A week or so later, his confidence was returning. He was seeing the ball better
and believing in himself and his ability at the plate.

A month later, he seemed to want to learn more about the mental aspects of
hitting, baseball psychology and sports psychology. I suggested that he would enjoy
the new CD program for baseball hitters. 101 Ways To Break Out Of A Hitting Slump
With Sport Psychology Techniques. Here is the link to learn more about this item.

This fine young man was a cooperative client and a good student. He listened to
both programs carefully and he enjoyed learning hitting tips that he did not know

His mother called me and proudly said, “They’re not laughing at him anymore.
Most important, he is enjoying baseball and feeling good about himself again.”

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