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Hip Pain? Osteoarthritis In Your Hip? Considering Hip Surgery? How I Fixed My Hip And Avoided Surgery

Posted by: Dr. Granat on November 3, 2009

Hip Pain? Osteoarthritis In Your Hip? Considering Hip Surgery?

How I Fixed My Hip And Avoided Surgery



     Six years ago, after years of playing competitive sports,  I was diagnosed with  moderate to severe osteoarthritis in my right hip.  I guess the parts really do start to wear out over time.  

        I had pain for quite a while and it was hard for me to get in and out my car.  Tying my shoe lace on my right leg was hard and swinging my leg over my bicycle seat while mounting my bike was quite uncomfortable. 

        One doctor, a surgeon, thought I should consider surgery based on my x-ray.  He did not paint a very pleasant picture.

          Now, I am not a physician and I am not claiming to have a magical cure. As someone who has coached lots of athletes and who knows many people who suffer with hip pain, I am simply telling you what has helped me.

         My hip pain has been reduced by perhaps eighty percent.  Here is what has worked and has not worked.

       Perhaps this information will be helpful for you or for someone you know.

        I  have lost 24 pounds and kept if off for three years.  Putting less weight on aging joints seems to help. 

                  I take glucosamine chondroitin with msm daily.

           I believe that keeping inflammation down in the body is a good idea. So, I take thefollowing supplements ever day:  fish oil,  baby aspirin, resverartrol, zyflammend.

              I drink a glass of wine, usually red, five nights a week.

             I play tennis a few times a week. Although, I do not go after certain shots.

              I did not get any help from physical therapy.

             Two pairs of orthodics created other leg problems for me, so I  got rid of them. 

              Periodically, I take an anti-inflammatory pill , when I experience some acute  pain.  I usually take it for several days and then the pain subsides.

              I practice self-hypnosis, meditation and visualization daily.  This practiceseems help to  help reduce and reduce aches and pains for me.  Here is a link to a program that I use:

               Here is a link to another program which athletes should find useful.

              Again, I am not claiming that my regime will work for others.  I am feeling quite a bit better now and I have avoided surgery. 

                    Most importantly, I am able to participate at several sports and activities that I love on a regular basis.


 Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. is a Psychotherapist in River Edge, NJ and the founder of

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