Golf Tips: The Eighty Twenty Rule In Golf

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D.

Psychotherapist, Author, Founder

   Most business people understand the 80/20 rule which states that you get eighty percent of your sales from twenty percent of your customers.

Well, this concept may have some relevance where your golf game is concerned.

During a recent golf lesson with my good friend and colleague,  PGA Pro Jon Manos, I asked Jon the following questions:

During my righty set up,  what percentage of the pressure should be in my left hand and what percentage of my weight should be on my right leg prior to swinging the club.

I have known Jon for a long and sent many of the golfers who come to see me for help with their mental game to him for help with the mechanical parts of their game.

Jon makes the lessons fun and we frequently share colorful jokes in between the golf tips.

Jon suggested that eighty percent of the firmness be in my left hand arm and shoulder  and eighty percent of my weight be on my right side and behind the ball.

Thinking about the set up in this manner helped to quiet my right side and my right hand and allowed me to develop a more appropriate and effective weight distribution prior to swinging the club.

He also noted that my head must remain centered, still, down and behind the ball as I make the swing.

Golfers know how important this is and how tough it can be to not look up.

Jon wisely reminded me that I will still have plenty of time to to enjoy the shot if I keep my head and eyes down and on the ball, the tee and the ground after I strike it.

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