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Young Athletes Have Grown Up Fears

Posted by: Dr. Granat on April 12, 2008

Sports Doctor Helps Young Athletes Perform Better

(RIVER EDGE, New Jersey) - A young swimmer overwhelmed
with negative thoughts, a teenage baseball player with low
confidence, a child gymnast afraid of falling - what do
they have in common? Aside from amazing athletic talent,
they all suffer from psychological blocks, which is what
Dr. Jay P. Granat Ph.D helps his clients overcome.

"No matter how successful child and teen sports stars are,
a block can prevent them from achieving their true
potential," said Dr. Granat, who is a psychotherapist with
24 years of clinical experience and has coached thousands
of athletes. "Young athletes can learn the psychology of
greatness and how to deal with the doubts, fears, phobias
and blocks that all athletes face, regardless of age."  

After working with Dr. Granat, who was voted "Top 10
Mental Gurus" by Golf Digest, many of his clients report
improved sports performance, and reduced levels of fear,
making his one-on-one sessions invaluable for young
athletes and their parents.

By helping clients work through fear, and teaching
youngsters to relax under pressure, Dr. Granat has become
an in-demand "coach of champions" and his approach has
been featured on Good Morning America and in The New York
Times and ESPN Magazine. Over 40 percent of his practice
consists of 11 to 18-year-olds, with many parents and
youngsters referring him to their friends.

"It's especially difficult for parents to watch their
child suffering," said Dr. Granat. "After a sports failure
it can be very difficult to bounce back and I see many
youngsters afraid to let the team down, or they fear
disappointing their parents."

Dr. Granat advises that parents emphasize that they love
their children regardless of sports performance and let
kids know it's okay to make mistakes.

"When I see over-critical parents, I also see children
looking over their shoulder into the stands, afraid to
mess up," said Dr. Granat, who has written articles and
books that help both child athletes and parents. "I've
witnessed this with my own son - children place a lot of
pressure on themselves and it's up to parents to be
supportive, not overly critical."

Some parents also forget that youngsters are not adults -
they need time to grow, develop and learn important

"If a 14-year-old is playing tennis, they are still a
14-year-old," said Dr. Granat. "They aren't always going
to be focused. They are going to make mistakes."

Youngsters who lose their temper are also common in
sports, and Granat works with clients to get to the root
of the problem.

"Anger can lead to violence on the field, so it's
important to have ways to deal with temper problems," said
Dr. Granat, who mentioned that some children even lose
scholarships due to temper problems. "Of course, there can
be a complex dynamic between parents, coaches and
athletes, with adults often setting a bad example for

Dr. Granat teaches clients to use anger management
technique, visualization, self-hypnosis and meditation to
help control anger.

Burnout is also a common problem in youth athletics, with
parents and coaches pushing children too hard.

"Sometimes a break is needed, and the child shouldn't be
restricted to one sport only," said Granat. "Balance is

Dr. Granat offers services and products to help young
athletes and parents. In addition to one-on-one sessions,
Dr. Granat offers a wide-variety of books and audio
programs on his web site, Topics
include managing stress, staying focused and confident
during sports, and dealing with test anxiety. Free article
topics include "They Laughed When My Child Came Up To
Bat," and "How To Talk to Your Kids About Sports."

Dr. Jay Granat has coached thousands of professional and
student athletes and has 24 years of clinical experience.
The author of several sports psychology books, he has also
lectured and conducted workshops across the country. He
has also worked as a university professor and was a past
Vice President of the New York Society for Ericksonian
Psychotherapy and Hypnosis.

His new book, Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute:
21 Simple Ways To Improve Your Performance, is now
available at and .

Dr. Granat has also released a two volume CD program, How
To Get In The Zone With Sports Psychology And Self-Hypnosis,
which is available at

Dr. Granat and his techniques have been featured on
numerous national and international television programs
and documentaries and in several magazines.

To contact Dr. Jay Granat to schedule a session, or for
more information, email, or call

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