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Will Artificial Intelligence Make Therapists And Psychotherapist Extinct?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on March 28, 2023


It is hard to determine how artificial intelligence will change mental health landscape in the future.

I believe AI will be very useful in determining an accurate diagnosis.

Because therapy and psychotherapy are part science and part art, I think it will take a while for the technology, computers and programmers to do what therapists do with their patients.

I like to look at every person as a being unique and different and I tend to develop the therapy for the individual. Also, it  presently seems  difficult for artificial intelligence to replace the chemistry and rapport that is developed between patients and their therapists.

In addition, choosing a therapeutic modality and therapeutic techniques are often different with patients who have the same diagnosis.

Furthermore, while some people might like a "therapist-robot," others will crave and benefit from the interpersonal contact with another human being.

I am sure that the above issues will be discussed and debated by clinicians, researchers and health insurance companies.

And it is likely that the mental health field will be very different in ten or twenty years.

What do my colleagues think?

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D.







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