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Who Will Win The Super Bowl? And Why?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on January 11, 2010


    The Super Bowl is just around the corner now and the media, sports pundits, fans,radio call in shows, sports bloggers,  people who run office pools,  people who host Super Bowl parties and professional gamblers and odds makers are starting to buzz about the upcoming big game.

          What really determines who wins big games like The Super Bowl?  What separates two great teams from one another?  What causes errors in big games?  And what allows some players and teams to handle the pressure?  What causes teams, players and coaches to choke under the pressure of a big game like The Super Bowl?

       There are a lot of factors which determine who will win The Super Bowl.  Some experts focus on traditional football statistics like:  points scored, points allowed, number of wins, number of losses, turnovers, takeaways, yards gained, yards allowed, quarterback ratings, momentum, margin of victories, margin of losses and recent performances.

          Other people root for their team or for their conference. The network broadcasting The Super Bowl hopes for a battle between two large media markets, so it  can get ome big ratings and attract lots of advertising dollars.

           Since I counsel lots of athletes, teams and  coaches and their families, I thought it would be interesting to write a book about the psychology of winning the big game.  I collaborated with an old and dear friend who is a math genius from MIT, Carlton Chin.   He was able to discover some fascinating facts and data about what it takes to win big games, like The Super Bowl.

          Carlton crunched the numbers and I looked at psychological, emotional and family factors which determine winners and losers in big games like The Super Bowl.

             The book, which will be published by World Audience, Inc. prior to The Super  Bowl, is called Who  Will Win The Big Game?  50 Characteristics of Champions.  

This guide identifies the key psychological and mathematical issues which coaches, fans, team owners,  sports executives, athletes and bettors need to be consider when evaluating two top teams who are competing against one another.

             Carlton and I learned about the important roles that things like leadership, coaching,confidence and errors play in determining the outcomes of big games.

               The book also has some interesting statistics about success in baseball, tennis, golf, hockey as well as  football.

               So who will win this big game?  One week prior to the contest, my coauthor and I will place our prediction based on our research in my weekly newspaper column.

               Of course, there is part of me that is rooting for The New York Jets.  I am a long time Giants fan, but I am happy to cheer for the boys in green now that the New York Giants are no longer competing this season.

               However, my coauthor and I will rely on the data and research outlined in our book to pick the winner of the upcoming big game.  So, keep reading my column….

 Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist in River Edge, New Jersey and the Founder of

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