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Who Will Win The Super Bowl And Why? 50 Characteristics Of Champions Revealed

Posted by: Dr. Granat on January 16, 2010

Math and psychology can be used to evaluate teams, players and coaches and predict the winners of big games like The Super Bowl.  Read more....

      A new book by Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. Psychotherapist and Founder of and Carlton Chin, CFA, outlines fifty mathematical and psychological factors of champions who win big games, like The Super Bowl.

     “Team owners, sports executives, athletic directors and coaches can use the authors’ ideas to evaluate their organizations and determine how well teams are likely to do in a big game.   Sports executives can also determine what they need to do to build a winning franchise.

     Fans and people who like wager on sports can integrate the concepts in this book with their analysis and their existing betting systems. 

         Parents of young athletes will also find this book to be quite informative,”according to Dr. Jay Granat.

         Dr. Granat, who has helped Olympic athletes and who has  been named one of America’s top ten mental gurus by Golf Digest and been featured in The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, Good Morning America, Tennis Magazine, ESPN Magazine, ESPN Radio, Tennis View Magazine, The BBC, The Daily News, The Star Ledger, The Bergen Record and The CBC, believes that psychology and statistics can teach us a great deal about what it takes to perform well when the pressure is on.

  There are many questions that Dr. Granat and Carlton Chin, a math wiz, trained at MIT, and a hedge fund manger, start to examine in this book and in their work with athletes, coaches and teams.  Here are just a few:

  What really determines who wins big games like The Super Bowl?  What separates two great teams from one another?  What causes errors in big games?  And what allows some players and teams to handle the pressure?  What causes teams, players and coaches to choke under the pressure of a big game like The Super Bowl? And what can be done to help players, teams and coaches perform their best in The Super Bowl and other big games?

       Indeed, there are a lot of factors which determine who will win The Super Bowl.  Some experts focus on traditional football statistics like:  points scored, points allowed, number of wins, number of losses, turnovers, takeaways, yards gained, yards allowed, quarterback ratings, momentum, margin of victories, margin of losses, time of possession  and recent performances.  And these measures are relevant.

      However, Dr. Granat and Carlton Chin show how mental toughness, coaching, leadership, focus, errors, interpersonal relationships, attitude, and ability to get  into the zone contribute to success in big games.  And they have mathematical data which support many of their theories.

         The new book, published by World Audience, Inc., is called Who  Will Win The Big Game?  50 Characteristics of Champions. This easy to read guide identifies the key psychological and mathematical issues that coaches, fans, team owners,  sports executives, athletes and bettors need to be consider when evaluating two top teams or two top athletes that are meeting in a big game.

        According to Dr. Granat, author of How To Get Into The Zone With SportPsychology and Self-Hypnosis, Zone Tennis, How To Lower Your Golf Score With Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis, Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute and101 Ways To Break A Hitting Slump, “Carlton and I plan to work closely with managers, agents, coaches, teams, universities and professional franchises.  We can show them what they need to understand and change to be certain that their team performs to their fullest potential.  Math and the social sciences can teach us a lot about winning consistently and frequently. And Carlton’s love affairs with both numbers and sports allow him to discover some important trends and patterns of success.”

     The book also has some interesting statistics about success in baseball, tennis, golf, hockey and football. In fact, Mr. Chin discovered a model which has predicted the winner correctly in eighty percent of The Super Bowls played in the past. 

     So, who will win this big game?  Prior to the contest, the authors will place their prediction on their blog and in Dr. Granat’s weekly newspaper column which appear in four New Jersey weeklies. His blog is

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