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Who Else Wants To Get In The Zone?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on December 3, 2007

Over the years, I have counseled athletes and sold products to competitors in many different sports and actitivies.   Some of the clients and customers have been from the sports that you would expect:  golf, baseball, tennis, basketball, the martial arts, hockey, swimming, diving, gymnastics, fencing, football, ice skating, bowling, wrestling, track and field, billiards and skiing.

Others have been competitors from sports and activties that I did not expect to get patients or sales from:  poker players, rodeo cowboys, scrabble players, competitive fisherman, darts and chess players.

 CEO's who want to function better have also used my stay in the zone program. 

 It appears that a wide range of people want to use sport psychology techniques to perform better.  They all want to learn how to stay relaxed, calm and focused when the pressure is on. 

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