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Which Athletes Will Win At The Beijing Olympics?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on July 29, 2008

            The Olympics will begin shortly and there is a lot of hype, excitement and

media attention around the start of the games.


            Some pundits, patriots and sports fans enjoy speculating about which individuals

and which teams will emerge as the victors at this huge event

           Now, there are many factors which impact an athlete’s performance:

motivation, coaching, discipline, controlling emotions, being resilient,

training regime, physical conditioning, relationships with teammates, managing

frustration, controlling distractions and enjoying one’s sport when the pressure is on.


        These are the kinds of issues that I work on when I counsel athletes. 


           I have written a number of books and developed a number of products

devoted to these issues. Here are a few relevant links:



             However, there are two factors which have a dynamic role in sports which

are apparent all the time.  These two powerful components are confidence and



        They play a role in victories in losses in winning streaks and in losing streaks.

These dynamics affect teams, coaches and individual athletes.


            Any one who has competed at sports or who watches sports knows about

the connection between confidence and momentum.  Right now, The New York

Yankees and The New York Mets are demonstrating what happens when a team

gains momentum and confidence. 


              In tennis, Rafael Nadal is riding a wave of confidence and momentum.

I believe he will win the US Open in a few weeks.  Conversely, Roger Federer appears to

be searching for some momentum and confidence.


               It is hard to say what happens first.  Does an athlete get confident or does he

or she become confident after a few victories or good performances?  This is “a which

came first, the chicken or egg” kind of question? 


              So, if you like to handicap the Olympics, look for athletes, coaches and teams


that are coming off record times, big wins or a streak of great performances. These are

the people who are peaking now and who are reaping the benefits of being confident

and being on a roll.  And these  are the participants who are apt be up to the task and are

likely to perform well and bring home the medals when the games begin.



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