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What's Really Wrong With Yankees Now? A Psychological Perspective

Posted by: Dr. Granat on May 20, 2008



      The Yankees are struggling right now and they do have a few obvious problems this



      First, they simply do not appear to be as strong a team as is their arch rival from

Boston.   The Red Sox appear to have great depth and great team chemistry.  The

team from Bean Town has been in a groove for quite some time and it looks like this

squad will have another outstanding season.  They may be building a dynasty and

they are the team to beat in all of  baseball right now.


      Second, the losses of Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada have had a huge impact on

the team’s offense.  Losing two terrific hitters of this caliber would hurt any major league



     In addition, I am certain that some of the pitchers who are comfortable with the way

Posada interacts with them when they are on the mound miss his presence behind the



     Getting comfortable with a different catcher can be an issue for some of the Yankee

pitchers who have developed a good working relationship with Posada over the years.


           Next, their young and very talented starting pitchers do not appear to developing

the way fans had hoped they would just yet.  This could be a coaching issue or perhaps

they just need more time.


       Last, and perhaps less obvious to many fans and writers, is the possibility that

the team misses Joe Torre and is paternal management style.  While it is way too soon to

say that Joe Girardi is wrong for the team and that he will not be able to get the job done,

one has to wonder if his psychological approach to the players and to the game will be

as effective as Joe Torre had been for so many years.


         A change in leadership impacts a company, a country or a team.   And a change

in leadership style influences the way people feel and the way they perform.  


         A calm, confident and likeable father figure like Joe Torre can play a powerful

role in any organization’s growth and performance.  The Yankees may need the kind of

leadership they had in the past in order to reach their potential this season.  


        As is usually the case, time will certainly tell us whether Joe Girardi can produce

a winner in New York.


        Presently, while there is no apparent friction on the team,  The Yankees do

appear to be having  some adjustment and performance issues which may be connected


to the loss of a man who was a stabilizing force on the team for so many years.



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