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What Do You Need To Score To Make It As A Golf Pro?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on July 26, 2008

     Over the last fifteen years, I have counseled a number of golfers who have played on

various professional tours: PGA, LPGA,  Nationwide, Hooters Tour, etc.

      I work with them on the mental aspects of the game.  I teach these players how to be calm, confident, focused and optimistic under pressure.  I show them how to get into

the zone and I have written and lectured extensively on these topics.

      I have a number or products, books and CD programs devoted to these topics.

Visit Google me- Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. or go to Golf Digest named me of the country’s top ten mental gurus.

       The golfers and  I also spend  some time on course management and strategies for competing and for winning events.

       In working with these athletes, I have also analyzed the mathematics associated with

winning professional events.  It appears that shooting a score of 69 is a reasonable number to have as a goal.  A score of 69 will get you to three under par on many courses.

        If you can shoot this number often, you can earn money in many events.

        If you review the winning scores in many tournaments, you will see that this is a

reasonable and sensible goal for a person who wants to earn his or her living a golf


        Having given you this number as a goal, it is important to understand that some

players perform well with a number as a goal and others do not.  You need to know

and understand your own personality and what works for you on the course.

         Whether or not to watch the scoreboard is another issue which I go over with the

golf pros who I coach. 

       If you need to reach me, give me a call at 888 580-ZONE.

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