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Top Baseball Players Learn The Secrets To Breaking Out Of A Hitting Slump

Posted by: Dr. Granat on June 16, 2009

Twenty five members of The New Jersey Pilots, their coaches and their manager attended a seminar entitled How To Break Out Of A Hitting Slump With Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis.

 The New Jersey Pilots play in the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League.  Many of theplayers who participate in this league plan to play professional baseball.

 The seminar was led by Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., Psychotherapist and Founder of and author of 101 Ways To Break Out Of A Hitting Slump.


Dr. Granat, who is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, explained how the mind and body need to  work together when you step up to the plate.   He showed the players what they can do to avoid slumps, bounce back from slumps and get into the zone before they arrive at the ball park.

 Dr. Granat can be reached at or at 888 580 ZONE

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