The Yips: Who Suffers From Them And What Can Be Done?

This week, I counseled four different kinds of athletes suffering from the yips.

They included a golfer who was struggling with short putts.

A baseball player who could not make short throws to first base.

A tennis player who was very uncomfortable with his serve.

And a basketball player who was uncomfortable a the foul line.

They all report anxiety, tense feelings in their bodies and lack of confidence.

I use a number of techniques to help these athletes.  Frequently, hypnosis and some physical changes are part of the regime.  In addition, we try to minimize perfectionism and reactivate their inner athletes.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the yips, give me a call at 201 647-9191 or reach out to me at


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Dr. Granat

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Since 1978, Dr. Granat has counseled thousands of highly competitive athletes from many different sports. His clients have included golfers, tennis players, bowlers, runners, boxers, baseball players, basketball players, pool players, hockey players, ice skaters, wrestlers, fencers and martial artists. (Satisfied Clients) on this site. Now athletes who are struggling with choking, nervousness, lack of confidence, negative thoughts, self-doubt, lack of energy or concentration problems can get the help they need to excel in their respective sport by phone.
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