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The Little Secret To Winning The Big Game

Posted by: Dr. Granat on January 26, 2008

The Little Secret To Winning The Big Game



      It’s hard to second guess the New York Giants of late.


      The team has been super the last four weeks.  Beating Tampa Bay, Dallas and

Green Bay on the road have been remarkable accomplishments.   Eli Manning has

quieted his critics and he seems to be gaining confidence and maturing with every snap

he takes  from center.  Plaxico Burress did an incredible job of catching the ball in the

frigid conditions at Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Kevin Boss is proving to have great hands.

Amani Toomer, has dropped a few balls, but he has also come up with some wonderful

 catches at the right time.   The defense has shown great determination and fortitude

when the pressure has been on. 


      Tom Coughlin, who had some problems with the team and the media in the past, now

is leading a cohesive unit with a  terrific sense of camaraderie.


       The Giants have come up big in the latter part of the season and it they have

done this without Tikki Barber and without four or five key players who are out

with injuries. 


       What is even more impressive is the fact that the team has a cadre of rookies and

young players who are doing an outstanding job.  This nucleus of young players could

help to keep the Giants competitive for years to come.  Wouldn’t that be nice?


        In my view, the secret to winning the game against the undefeated New England

Patriots rests on the shoulders of the diminutive running back, Ahmad Bradshaw.


          If Ahmad Bradshaw can get twenty touches of the ball, I think the Giants can

succeed in beating The New England Patriots.  Here’s  why…….



  Although young, he is very much like Tikki Barber.  He is quick, tenacious, elusive and

explosive.  His style of running compliments Brandon Jacobs’ straight ahead upright

approach to carrying the ball.  He gets to the hole faster than Jacobs which takes a

little pressure off the offensive line.  He can catch the ball out of the backfield, which

will create more openings for the Giants’ receivers.


          I would like to see Bradshaw and Jacobs in the backfield together on some plays.

This would keep the defense off balance a bit more and cause them to have to guess

who is likely to get the ball.


          The Giants have been underdogs for much of the season.  If they beat the

Patriots, it will be a David conquers Goliath kind of story.   Ahmad Bradshaw is

small in stature, but he seems to have a huge heart and great desire.  There is no


better person to slay the big, bad enemy from New England than number 44.


    By the way, I am a Psychotherapist in River Edge.  I counsel lots of athletes including

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