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Tennis Tips: How To Win On Grass

Posted by: Dr. Granat on July 29, 2009

I recently played a match on grass for the first time.  Most of my tennis has been played on clay, hard tru and hard courts, so this was an interesting experience.  Here are few quick tips to win on this surface.

1.  Grass can be thought of as the opposite of clay.  Grass will keep the ball low.  You want to take advantage of the low bounce. So, you  need a flat serve and a slice serve.

2.   Your serve does not have to be as deep as you may want it to be on other surfaces.  A short serve can stay low and be tough for your opponent to return.

3.    Shorten points and come in at every opportunity.

4.    Drop shots and touch volleys which deaden the ball can be great shots on  grass.

5.    Find a spot where you can get a true bounce when you set up to serve.  It can be tricky to find this on some grass courts, but you need a reasonable bounce or series of bounces to start your serving motion.

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