Tennis Tips: Do You Have A Drop Shot?

Tennis Tip For This Season: The Art Of The Drop Shot

A drop shot is a thing of beauty and it can be a powerful weapon in every level of tennis. Being able to hit a well disguised drop shot on your forehand and your backhand
can be a great asset for you and for your tennis game.
As its name implies, a drop shot is a ball that drops over the net and stays low to the ground.
Here a some suggestions for mastering the shot that can help you to win more tennis matches.

1. Soften your grip so you can feel the ball and develop the touch you need to execute this shot.
2. Turn sideways toward the net.
3. Keep your head very still throughout the shot.
4. Hit your drop shot as far away from your opponent as possible.
5. An effective drop shot will bounce three times in the service box.
6. Disguise your shot by setting up as if you are about to his a ground stroke.
7. Use a continental or western grip to execute this shot.
8. Practice hitting the drop shot off different kinds of balls.
9. Use a short back swing and a short follow through.
10. Don’t use the drop shot when you are well behind the baseline. This is a low percentage shot.
11. Use the drop shot when you want to draw your opponent into the net. Then you can pass them or lob over them.
12. When you are close to the service line and your opponent is at the baseline or behind the baseline, consider the drop shot.
13. A drop shot is a good tactic against taller players who don’t like to bend down for a low ball.
14. A drop shot is a great tactic for changing the pace and the geometry of a tennis match.
15. A drop shot can neutralize a hard hitter who likes to stay behind the baseline.
16. A drop shot is a great tool for a player who is losing power and velocity from his or game and who wants to develop a balanced and well rounded attack.
17. An effective drop shot can frustrate an opponent and give you a psychological edge.

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. is the Founder of Here is a link to a mental toughness program for tennis players.


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