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Tennis Tips: 17 Ways To Win On Grass

Posted by: Dr. Granat on August 4, 2009


     I have coached many tennis players and recently I played my first match on grass.  Here are a few observations and tips for winning on this surface.

1.  Take the ball early.

2.  Shorten the points.

3.  Shorten your backswing to compensate for the speed of the surface.

4.   Practice getting down low to get those low shots.

5.  Think of grass as being the opposite of playing on clay or on hard tru.  The ball will not sit up for you.  It will stay down.

6.  Develop a good slice to keep the ball low and accommodate the grass surface.

7.  A short serve can be a weapon on grass because it can force your opponent to move in and be off balance. 

8.  A slice serve can be a huge weapon on grass because it can force your opponent to return a wide and low ball.

9.  When setting up to serve, find a spot on the grass which will give you a reliable bounce for your pre shot routine.

10.  Come in whenever you can.

11.  Chip and charge returns of service.

12.   A low soft drop shot when used properly can be a killer shot on the green stuff.

13.   Wear sneakers that will give you good traction on grass.

14.    Practice volleys, swinging volleys and overheads.

15.     Take the ball in the air often, so the odd bounces which you get on grass will not hurt your ability to win points and games.

16.     Watch the ball very carefully and be sure to read the bounce, the height, the pace, the depth and the spin early on.


17.  You may want to adjust your strings to accommodate the grass surface.  Remember, the pace and feel of the game is different on grass than it is on other surfaces.

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