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Super Bowl 49: What Really Happened To Pete Carroll? And What Should He Have Done?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on February 4, 2015

I am a big Pete Carroll fan. I love his enthusiasm, energy and coaching skill. I think the Jets made a big mistake when they let him go.
I think what happened in this year's Super Bowl as a case of him getting a bit flooded and overwhelmed in the heat of the moment. This can happen to anyone-even a top coach.
Carroll had many options in the closing minute. He could have taken a time out, run the ball several times, called a roll out or a fade pass or a quarterback sneak.
Throwing the ball in the middle of the field was a risky move and this decision turned out to be a bad one.
Coaching sports is sometimes like a high speed chess game. Carroll may have been flooded with too much information, and consequently made the wrong choice.
A timeout would have given him, the staff and the team an opportunity to evaluate the situation and carefully consider the risk vs. reward nature of the critical situation.

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