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Stress Management Tips: Is Your Stress Contagious?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on May 3, 2014

Is Your Stress Contagious?

Are you stressed out?
Do you feel totally overwhelmed on a daily basis?
The dangers of prolonged stress have been studied for decades and we know that cumulative stress can cause a multitude of health problems including heart disease and other serious illnesses.
And secondary stress, like second hand smoke, can cause others close to you to experience the symptoms of stress that you may be feeling.
A recent study which was featured on WABC showed how researchers studied stress among mothers by exposing them to stressors and then measuring various physiological symptoms of stress.
After being stressed, the researchers then observed measured stress among the children of the experiment’s subjects.
Not surprisingly, the youngsters exhibited symptoms of stress when they came in contact with their mothers.
So, in short, mothers who are overwhelmed with stress seem to transfer these feelings and the symptoms that go with their stress on to their kids. This transfer may be conscious or unconscious. This phenomenon will need to studied further to determine how this process works.
When a person is overwhelmed with stress, it is likely that family members, coworkers, spouses and friends feel the impact of your feelings on a psychological and emotional level. Just think about your life for a moment and you will see how your “bad day” can impact those close to you. Likewise, if your spouse has a “bad day,” you are apt to feel the effects of his or her turmoil.
The findings of the above study make sense and they also point out the importance of learning how to manage stress more effectively,
Moreover, these findings remind me of something I observed many years ago when I used to do a bit of dog training.
Frequently, a stressed out dog had a stressed out owner. It seemed that the pet owner modeled or communicated a lifestyle and way of being to his or her pet.
Some years ago, I developed a three CD program on with thirty nine tools, techniques and strategies for managing stress on a daily basis. In some instances, I have taught these techniques to whole families because I recognized that the stress was impacting everyone within the family system.

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