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Sports Psychology For Wrestlers In New Jersey

Posted by: Dr. Granat on January 4, 2016

How To Win A Championship And Get A College Scholarship

The wrestling season is getting underway and I have already gotten calls from several wrestlers and from parents of wrestlers.

The families that call me often include an athlete who is hoping to win a championship and get a college scholarship.

The pressures that wrestlers face include: cutting weight, managing down time in between matches, being intimidated by wrestlers with high rankings and big reputations, recovering from injuries,
being resilient after a loss, conflict resolution with teammates, parents or coaches.

Free Seminar For Wrestlers

On Monday, January 11, 1t 7:00PM, I will be offering a free seminar to teach wrestlers how to get into the zone prior to competing and when they get on the mat.
To reserve your spot, email me or call me 888 580-ZONE.

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