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Sports Psychology For Student-Athletes And Professional Athletes: What Does Every Athlete Really Need?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on October 13, 2015

Sports are quite serious among youngsters and many kids and their parents are experiencing a lot of stress and pressure around competing.
Athletes who want to reach their athletic potential need to master the mental and physical parts of their sport.
Part of this master involves what athletes should say to themselves on the field,
in the gym or on the court.
What should a baseball player or softball player think about when the step up to the plate?
What should a golfer consider when he or she is standing over an important shot?
What should a tennis player be saying to himself or herself between points?
What should a wrestler be thinking about before he gets on the mat?
What should a basketball player do with his mind at the foul line?
What can a pitcher do to throw more strikes?
What should a mixed martial artist or boxer tell himself before he steps into the ring?
What might a fencer say to himself before he gets on the strip?
What kinds of things can figure skaters, gymnasts and divers tell themselves in oder to perform their best?
Athletes spend a lot of time and energy in getting themselves psyched up and ready to compete.
In most sports, it is best if the athlete can train their mind to focus on the main task at hand or be able to empty their minds so that their athletic talent, skill and training can automatically take over.
This empty mind technique is somewhat advanced, but many skilled athletes and learn how to do this with some training in meditation, visualization or self-hypnosis.
In a trance state, many competitors can learn to completely empty their minds or to minimize the amount of clutter which may be blocking them from getting ‘into the zone.”
With regard to what athletes may want to tell themselves about competing, there is a simple method for helping them to generate the right kind of internal dialogue and self-talk for their sport.
While some athletes like to be given suggestions for words, phrases, ideas or images that they can utilize, most do better when this “mantra” comes from within them.
As you may know, a mantra is a word or phrase intended to promote concentration or focus during meditation.
In order to help student athletes and professional athletes to intensify their concentration, confidence, focus and ability to relax, the athlete is placed in a hypnotic trance and given some time to generate his her own mantra.
Within twenty minutes, most athletes can come up with a word, a slogan, an image, a quote or a saying that really resonates with their minds and their bodies.
This method has been used with thousands of athletes from a wide range of sports.

Do you want to perform your best? Do you want your child to perform his or her best in sports and in school? Would you like to develop your own personal performance mantra?
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