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Sports Psychology Book Can Help You To Improve Your Love Life

Posted by: Dr. Granat on April 25, 2008

   Recently, one of my patients told me that my new book Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute could be quite helpful to men who want to have greater success in meeting women. 

   This book is all about getting confident, focused, relaxed and optimistic quickly.  When I wrote it,  I thought it would be useful to athletes, sales people, executives, students, public speakers, trial lawyers, traders, coaches-anyone who wants to perform better.

I didn't think of the fact that it might have value with singles who want to be more successful dating and mating.

 However, my patient told me it is all about competition and performing well when the pressure is on in the single world.

 Here is a link to get the book:

And here is a link to my site which has a lot of information about performing better and staying in the zone.

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