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Sports Psychology And Baseball: What Are The Four Most Common Problems?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on March 26, 2018


         Spring training for major league players, college baseball players and high school players is winding down and the regular season is about to begin.

       Every year, about this time, I get lots of calls from players, coaches and parents of players.

In general these calls are about the following kinds of issues:

Hitting slumps are a cause for concern:   Some players who have a bad spring training are anxious about getting off to a bad start in the season.

Pitching slumps can also create some anxiety. Sometimes, pitchers can’t seem to remain confident, focused and relaxed on the mound. Consequently, they can’ t throw strikes.

The yips can create problems for pitchers, catchers and infielders. Their anxiety and fear of making a bad throw can cause their throwing arms and throwing hand to feel like they are frozen.

Fourth, interpersonal conflicts with coaches and/or teammates can make it hard for some players to perform to their potential.

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