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Sport Psychology Self Help Simple Quiz: Twelve Questions Every Athlete Needs To Answer

Posted by: Dr. Granat on November 4, 2014

Here are a few questions that every athlete ought to ask himself or herself.

1. Are you relaxed when you compete?

2. Are you focused during a match?

3. Do you avoid self-criticism when you are in a game?

4. Do you really love your sport?

5. Can you manage the ups and downs of competing?

6. Are you too perfectionistic in your approach to your game?

7. Can you trust your mechanics when the pressure is on?

8. Do you really understand the relationship between your mind and your body?

9. Can you focus and tune out all negative distractions?

10. How is your relationship with your coach and teammates?

11. Can you play in the here and now?

12. Do you what you need to do to ease yourself into the zone?

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