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Sport Psychology And Mental Toughness Training For Traders

Posted by: Dr. Granat on September 7, 2021

Sport Psychology And Mental Toughness Training For Stock Traders

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D.


An increasing number of people are now trading stocks.

Changes in the financial markets, the pandemic and other new trends like partial shares and zero commission trading are allowing more individuals to grow their wealth by actively trading equities, etf's and options.

Trading can be quite challenging and people who do not know how to remain relaxed, confident and focused while they are opening and closing positions can experience a lot of  financial losses and consequently a great deal of stress.

In addition, to be a psychotherapist, in the past, I held the following trading licenses:  Series 7, Series 63 and Series 55 and I traded equities for several Wall Street firms. I have been investing and trading in the markets for more than thirty five years.

I also gave some lectures at one of these firms on the psychology of trading and on how to get in the zone and stay in the zone while trading.

In brief, I traders the same techniques that I have used with world class athletes from every sport from around the world.  You can learn about my work with Olympic Champions, elite athletes, weekend warriors and young athletes by visiting

There are a number of  do it yourself programs at

In addition, I am available for private coaching so you can learn how to get mentally tough, trade to your potential, avoid costly losses and generate as much revenue as possible.

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