Some Important Facts About Autism

Some Important Facts About Autism

Recently, I received a referral from a colleague who wanted me to talk to patient of his. The man was in his fifties and his physician felt he was suffering from stress and perhaps depression.
While this man was a bit depressed and did report some symptoms of stress, his primary problem was really the fact that he was autistic.
To confirm this diagnosis, I referred the man to a psychiatrist who specializes in this kind of disorder.
Surprisingly,this man had never been properly diagnosed. He was able to graduate high school and has been working at the same menial job for many years, despite his illness.
Unfortunately, he does experience significant social problems and has difficulty making short term and long term life decisions.
It is possible that this man’s life could have been very different if he had been diagnosed and treated earlier his life. I am now in the process of getting this man the
help and the services he needs.
I suspect that there are a number of people who, like this man, have autism, but who have not been properly evaluated and I thought it would be useful to offer some
information about this disorder in this article.
Autism is a complex disorder which usually is not diagnosed in children until age 3.
It is characterized by a range of behavior including difficulty in expressing needs and in an ability to socialize. While there are a number of theories as to its origin, the exact cause(s) of what is referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder are not yet known.
About one in every 150 American children has autism. According to the Center For Disease Control, approximately 560,000 children and young adults have autism.
-According to The Autism Society Of America:
-Autism Spectrum Disorder is the now the fastest growing developmental disability.
-The economic impact is estimated at $90 billion in annual costs.
-Adult services make up the larges percentage (90%) of the costs.
-Lifelong care expenses can be reduced by 2/3 with early diagnosis and early intervention. So, early diagnosis is very important.
-The annual cost of autism will increase to between $200 billion and $400 billion by 2013.
If you think you or someone you love is suffering with Autism Spectrum Disorder,you can get some useful information from the Autism Society Of America Website.

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