Lucas Pouille: 7 Reasons Why He Will Be A Very Big Star

I have coached some top tennis players and watched and played tennis for quite some time.

Today, a new tennis star was born at The US Open.

Lucas Pouille has been gaining momentum of late with some big wins on some big stages.

He showed that he is quite focused.

He also demonstrated that he is quite resilient-physically and mentally.

He displayed great and confidence and composure in today’s win against Rafael Nadal, in what was a true classic.

When I teach people how to get into the zone and stay in the zone, there are several mental aspects that are crucial: They need to be relaxed, focus, confident, in the present, enjoy the challenge, trust their bodies and have a belief that there dreams can become realities.

Lucas Pouille showed that he can have all of the above on a very big stage against one of the game’s best players.

Lucas Pouille also has a great all around game. Great speed, great hands, great anticipation and a clever array of creative shots.

As the commentators noted, he also had a great plan to take advantage of Nadal playing far behind the base line.

It also seems that the French training system is finally producing a cadre of fine young players.

His  good looks and his French charm  will make him very popular with sponsors.

Tennis fans will derive great pleasure from watching his career grow.

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