How To Manage Anger And Frustation On The Golf Course

   Many of the golfers who I counsel have difficulty managing their feelings on the golf course.   The most common troublesome emotions are frustration and anger.  As you might expect these two emotions tend to go together.

     I teach golfers a number of anger management strategies and techniques and I also show them how to manage their emotions, their thoughts and the course in a more effective manner. 

      Many years ago, I worked with violent criminals who were in a prison.  These people had been convicted of rape, murder and armed robbery.  As you might expect, many of these individuals had very bad tempers.  While most golfers don’t fall into this category, they do benefit from learning how to manage their feelings when they play golf. 

     Remember, “Control you emotions.  Or they will control you.

       A few of these techniques are included in my cd programs for golfers.  If you are a high handicapper this is the program for you.

          If you are a single digit handicap player or have been a proficient athlete at other sports this is the program for you:

         If you have any questions about managing your brand of anger on the golf course, give me a call at   201 342-3663 or e-mail me at

About Dr. Granat

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