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How To Help Children Manage Anger And Frustration In Sports: 14 Tips

Posted by: Dr. Granat on September 24, 2009

    As a result of a recent outburst at The US Open, a brawl at the New York Yankee game and some unpleasant acts by music artists and politicians, I was interviewed by Cindy Hsu of  WCBS TV in New York City.

      During the interview I pointed out with things that parents could do to help their kids.

     Here is an expanded list which includes 14 tips.

  1. Parents, coaches and league officials need to set guidelines and rules with

           consequences for violence, trash talk and inappropriate behaviors.


  1. Parents need to model good sportsmanship and the idea of treating others with

          kindness, dignity and respect.


  1. Kids need to learn anger management, self control, frustration management and

       meditative techniques at an early age.


  1. Young athletes need to understand that anger will prevent them from entering the

          zone and from performing their best.


  1. Athletes must be encouraged to respect their opponents. After all, they too

           are practicing and working hard and trying to do well.


  1. You can’t always get what you want in sports or in life. 


  1. Sports can be serious and competitive but they do not need to be life or death



  1. Perhaps we need to rethink the idea of winning at all costs all the time.


  1. Kids should be encouraged to focus on mastery, discipline, respect and camaraderie as well as on winning.


   11.    Rageful states are not fun and they are very dangerous.


  1. Sports reflect the kind of selfishness and  narcissism which seems rampant in our

            culture right now.


  1. Let your performance do the talking instead of your mouth or your fists.


    14.   As Ghandi said, “Nothing is as strong as gentleness.”

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