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How To Break A Hitting Slump With Just One Hour With Hypnosis

Posted by: Dr. Granat on April 29, 2018

“Little leaguers, high school baseball players, college players, minor leaguers and major leaguers all struggle with hitting slumps in their careers,”

according to Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Author and Founder of

A hitting slump can cause a baseball player to lose confidence.

As one professional baseball player remarked, “I am fine in the cage and fine in batting practice. When I face live pitching, I am thinking too much up there and I am just not comfortable at the plate.”

“A minor league catcher described hit hitting slump in the following manner. My mind is racing as soon as I reach the on deck circle. It gets worse as I walk to the plate. My body does not feel right and the bat does not feel comfortable in my hands. My balance, timing and weight transfer are completely out of sync. It is frustrating as hell for me when I come up to the plate in this state of mind.”

The slump can also cause players to start to lose confidence in their fielding. “My hitting slump has started to affect my performance in the field.

An extended hitting slump can cause a player to feel more pressure from their coaches, their parents, their teammates and their family.

“I know the coach is going to take me out of the lineup if I don’t start to hit. He is old school and if you don’t hit, you sit. I feel like he is watching me very closely every time I get up to bat,” remarked a Division I right fielder.

Some baseball players with excellent mechanics start to doubt and question the physical components of their swing.

In order to break a hitting slump and hit to their potential baseball players need to learn how to play baseball “in the zone.” The “zone” is a state of relaxed concentration where you trust your body, have no self-criticism, play in the present, have an increased belief that your dreams can become a reality and you enjoy baseball.”

Athletes can enter the zone more often by utilizing a number of simple self-hypnotic techniques.

In my practice, I have counseled hundreds of baseball players and softball players who were feeling frustrated because of prolonged hitting slumps.

How To End A Hitting Slump With One Self-Hypnosis Session

   Over the last few years, I have developed one very simple, short, hypnotic technique that has had great results with baseball and softball players at every level.

I can usually teach this technique to the player in just one counseling session.

“Players leave my office knowing how to remain relaxed, confident and focused at the plate. Most of them can master this technique very quickly,” says Dr. Granat.

In some instances, I create a customized track that they can download onto their phone. They can listen to the track on the bus, in dugout, before batting practice, before a game, in the clubhouse or before going to sleep.

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