Dr. Jay Granat Recommends Ira Silverman, Sports Public Relations Pro With Expertise In Fund Raising

During the course of my career, I have met many sports public relations executives.  Ira Silverman is a top pro and he has special expertise in charitable fund raising.  Here is some additonal information about his work and his services.








w          Silverman will assist with determination of what type of “Special Event” will be created and implemented for fundraising and/or industry, public and media exposure purposes – – and then be available to help in the development and management of that function.


w          Silverman will visit potential host venues with client for meetings, inspections and contract negotiations.


w          Silverman will help Client determine date of event, target number of attendees, timing of function, format, prices to charge, etc.


w          Silverman will help Client organize an Event Committee to help determine direction of project and to assist in selling admission tickets and sponsorships, as well as securing event underwriting.


w          Silverman  will assume responsibility for developing all potential Sponsorship Package options and opportunities for the event – – which could run the Gamut from Title Sponsor and Presenting Sponsor to “Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze” Sponsors to “Red, White & Blue” Sponsors and other such choices.  Silverman also will create Sponsorship Brochures, Sheets, Cards and/or Letters to present to potential strategic partners.


w          Silverman  will handle responsibility of creating a special event letterhead, as well as developing and producing all collateral materials, including hold the date cards, invitations, solicitation letters, program journal, etc.


w          Silverman will initiate a relationship for the client with a top letter house that can supplement the names and addresses of potential attendees, print all materials, collate them, stuff them and mail them at special postal rates.


w          Silverman can introduce client to a full-time, professional Silent & Live Auction firm that handles all elements of both types of fundraising devices at no cost to the charity.


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w          Silverman will supplement items, services and packages offered by the memorabilia company with donations of additional collectibles, products, services and fantasy packages for to increase the client’s revenue stream. 


w          Silverman will help the client solicit, accumulate and administer items for Gift Bags.


w          Silverman will, if appropriate to the event, assist the “client” in selecting, reaching out to and solidifying the participation of one or more “Honorees” for the function,  which will

help to bring in more money in terms of sponsorships, table and individual seat sales, advertising, auction items and packages, Goody Bag donations, etc.


w          Silverman will be available to help with the development of a “conception” and “look” for the event, and will be available to follow-through by recommending a design company that can provide flowers, balloons, tablecloths, chair coverings, specialty lighting and other items to “dress up” the venue.


w          Silverman also is experienced at working with hotels, country clubs, restaurants, catering halls, etc. on the development of appropriate menus for the guests based on budget considerations, dietary needs, etc.


w          Silverman will assist the client with decisions about music for all aspects of the Special Event – – including a Reception, a Dinner, a post-function party, etc.  SMMG also can recommend and hire appropriate musicians, bands, individual artists, DJs and pre-recorded music.


w          Silverman, insofar as we already represent a wide group of sports, entertainment, TV, broadcasting, et al. personalities, can help the client attract any realistic number of meaningfully popular and well-known celebrities at fees under the “going” rates.


w          SMMG can arrange for a well-known, experienced and appropriate individual to serve as Master of Ceremonies of the event.


w          Silverman will research and write “bios” of VIP attendees, honorees, celebrities, etc. for utilization in a journal, as well as for the MC to use when he/she is introducing them.


w          Silverman is experienced at “producing” and “directing” all aspects of charitable functions – – from creating minute-by-minute routine sheets, putting elements of the “show” into the proper order and writing all scripts to hiring an audio/visual company, coordinating all of these aspects (lighting, sound, videos, staging, etc.) to actually “calling” the program.


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w          Silverman is hugely experience at creating timely, creative, aggressive and extremely effective internal and external public relations campaigns to ensure that the charitable event not only receives all of the pre- , on-site and post-function publicity and promotional coverage that it merits . . . but that the financial goals of the project are not only met . . . but exceeded.


w          Silverman has a wealth of contacts that can create, design and recommend various types of “premium” items for the client the would cover the scope of caps, hats, tee-shirts, magnets, wrist bands, logoed umbrellas, pens and the like.


w          Silverman will recommend, select and order awards, prizes and/or trophies for Honorees, celebrities, VIPs, the MC, et al.



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