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Competitive Fishing: Fishing In The Zone

Posted by: Dr. Granat on December 24, 2007

Do you compete in fishing contests?  Are you a fisherman who loves to win tournaments? 

Several  months ago, I got a call from a man who competes in fishing contests.  He wanted to know if I or my stay in the zone program could help him to get back into the zone during fishing tournaments.  This was an interesting call and an interesting case for me.

 In the past, I have helped athletes to get in better touch with nature.  I believe this is important for long distance runners, skiers, climbers, hikers, surfers, windsurfers, hunters and fisherman.

It sounded like his confidence was shot and that he was out of touch with nature.  Certainly, when we are relaxed and in a positive state of mind, it is easier to be aware of ourselves and our surroundings. 

 After all, this is part of what meditation teaches us.

If you or someone you know competes in a sport which involves nature, you may find the Stay In The Zone program to be quite useful, helpful and interesting.

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