Brett Favre: Why He Can’t Just Retire?

Some athletes have trouble leaving the sport they love.  I have spoken to many athletes about when it is time to leave and what they can do to replace the void they will feel when they no longer compete at a professional level.

Favre seems to still love the game and he seems to still love competing. For many atheltes, there is nothing that gives them “the high” that they get from their sport.   It is hard to walk away especially when you still can play even if it is not at the level you played at some years ago.

Brett Favre is obviously conflicted about whether he should stay or go and he keeps trying to sort out what he really wants to do.  Perhaps he wants to leave on a successful note.  Maybe he wants to give it one more shot.

Although he is a super star and great player, he is human and we humans do get uncertain and confused from time to time in our lives. Fans who are angry with him for being unsure should probably give him some slack and remind themselves that they too have been uncertain where big life decisions were concerned.

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