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Brett Favre: I Hope He Plays

Posted by: Dr. Granat on August 3, 2008

     Brett Favre is  a remarkable athlete.  He has been great for football and great for sports. 

     It seems like he changed his mind about retiring because he appears to still have a lot of passion for football.

      I frequently counsel athletes and motivating them is often an important part of the process.  Here is a guy who is still quite inspired and quite motivated.

       I hope he turns down the 20 million dollar offer to retire and winds up playing for Green Bay or for some other team.  I don't think that he is motivated by the idea of increasing his personal wealth at this point in his life.

          I  also don't think he needs the money and I think fans will enjoy watching this legend for two or three more years.

             It will be very interesting to see if he can perform well with Green Bay or with another team.

           I think he can still win in the NFL.

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