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A Single Session Psychotherapy Developed By Dr. Jay Granat

Posted by: Dr. Granat on November 21, 2014

Can your problems be solved in just one counseling session? Yes. It’s possible.

While some people need long term therapy, many can get a significant amount of help in just one meeting because modern psychotherapy has developed short term interventions to help people solve a wide range or problems quickly and efficiently.

One of the criticisms of some forms of psychotherapy is that they are slow, expensive and ineffective.

Moreover, as result of new health care laws, many people can simply not afford long term counseling due to changing deductibles and higher copayments.

After more than twenty five years in practice, I have recently developed a simply therapeutic model which has been very well received by a wide range of patients including professionals who are suffering from work stress, couples who are trying to save their marriage, people who are trying to quit smoking and lose weight, athletes trying to perform better and people struggling with depression and anxiety.

In addition, I have shared this model with other therapists and colleagues and they seem to feel that I am on to something worthwhile.

This model includes hypnosis, dream therapy, guided imagery and cognitive behavior therapy. I call it cognitive behavioral dream therapy.

In a ninety minute session, I have been able to get many people on to a much better path with regard to solving the presenting problem.

After taking a history, we move right into the problem and we do all we can to map out the changes that the person needs to make to alleviate their complaint.

We tap into the person’s dreams, day dreams and fantasies and use them to implement creative and concrete behavioral, attitudinal and emotional changes so that they can minimize their suffering and get their life moving into a positive direction.

Many patients seek out this kind of treatment after feeling stuck and feeling as if they are not making progress in their life or in the traditional therapy that they have been utilizing prior to being exposed to this single session, highly efficient form of treatment.

I have used this new model on a large number of patients and have been impressed with their response. One man, an engineer who was very resistant to treatment loved this approach and the diagram that goes along with it.

Youngsters seem to enjoy it simplicity and the straightforward nature of this form of counseling.

So, if you or someone you love is struggling, they may want to try a simple, single session form of treatment to see if they can discover how to make the changes they need to feel better and live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. is a Psychotherapist in River Edge, NJ. He is the author of numerous books and self help programs and the founder of

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