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Who Will Win The NBA Championship This Year? Psychology And Math Hold The Keys

Posted by: Dr. Granat on June 16, 2010

The NBA Championships will begin this week. And as expected, there is much speculation as to who will win this year’s title.

Both teams have great talent, great coaches and great basketball history.

The Boston Celtics are a great defensive team and they show great determination and team work. Doc Rivers is very likable coach and Rajon Rondo is on his way to becoming a superstar. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen can all still play great ball.

Basketball purists will enjoy watching their style of play.

The Los Angeles Lakers have a true superstar in Kobe Bryant and a coach who is a legend. They also have a deep bench and a front line that seems to be improving all the time.

To determine who will win this big game and why, I consulted with my friend, colleague and co-author, Carlton Chin.

Several months ago, we wrote a book called Who Will Win The Big Game? 50

Championship Characteristics, A Psychological And Mathematical Approach To

Identifying Wining Players, Coaches And Teams. In this book, we describe what it really takes to win big games from an psychological and mathematical perspective. Some of the ideas are supported with numbers. Others are based on work with many top performers.

Carlton and I are helping players, athletes, owners and coaches to build winning

organizations by showing them how math and psychology can allow them to create

teams that will perform well in big games.

Our data indicate that Los Angeles will win this year’s championship. There are several factors which favor this team.

First, Phil Jackson has been has won ten of the twelve championships he has coached in. Doc Rivers is 1-0. Coaching experience in big games is a very important factor.

Second, historically the team with a superstar who scores more points per game has is 14-6 in the last twenty championship games.

Third, Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson seem interested in becoming basketball legends. This could prove to be a very powerful motivator during the series. This kind of

goal has been known to move players, teams and coaches to accomplish big things.

I think the series will go six or seven games. I believe they will be close with no

blowouts and I think The Lakers will win the title.

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