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What Will Happen To Alex Rodriguez?

Posted by: Dr. Granat on July 21, 2007

       It’s the middle of the major league baseball season. The 2007 All Star Game is now

 history.  And  A-Rod’s contract with New York Yankees is up for renewal.


       The sports pundits and millions of fans are  now speculating

as to whether he will remain in pinstripes or decide to depart from The Big Apple.

A lot of air time, print media space and energy is being spent on trying to

figure out what will happen with this remarkable player.


     In my view, it is pretty easy to predict what the future holds for this super star.

  There are several, logical and predictable scenarios.


       If the Yankees do well and make it to the playoffs, and if Rodriguez plays

well, the Yankees will, in all likelihood, sign him to a long term mega deal.

The fans and public will perceive him as a hero and I believe he will want to

stay in New York, play in the new stadium and break Barry Bonds’ home run

record in New York.  He will be a hero and a Yankee legend like Mantle, Ruth,

and Dimaggio.


        If the Yankees do poorly the second half of the season and fail to

make the playoffs, A-Rod will depart and sign with another team, possibly

The San Francisco Giants.  Yankee fans and  the management will feel that A-Rod

has not been valuable to the team and the franchise will probably choose

to spend their money on several quality pitchers which they desperately



      Also, if this happens, Joe Torre will be gone and the Yankees will field

a team with perhaps six or seven new players next year.  It is very unlikely that

Kyle Farnsworth,  Jason Giambi,  Luis Vizciano will return for another season.  


      If the Yankees play in the postseason and Rodriguez performs

poorly, they will not renew his contract.  The baseball public and the powers that be  will

label him as a great hitter who could not perform under playoff pressure in New York. 

Some will refer to him a player who chokes and can not hit when it really counts.


      At times, A-Rod has seemed somewhat unhappy and discontent in New York

and it is possible that he and his wife might be much happier playing in

a more forgiving environment.   The intense limelight that focuses on the

the New York Yankees may not be quite right even for his  future member of the

Baseball Hall Of Fame.


 Jay P. Granat, Ph.D is a Psychotherapist in River Edge, NJ.  I write

extensively on sports and sport psychology. I am the founder of



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