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The Zone: A Good Place For Athletes, Executives, Moms And Kids

Posted by: Dr. Granat on April 6, 2008

We are living in a very competitive world. Many of us face substantial
pressure in our lives and are frequently confronted with situations which require us to perform to our fullest potential. People can better manage these challenges if they know take charge of their thoughts, their feelings, their minds and their bodies and if they know how to “get into the zone.”


Contrary to what you might believe, the zone is not just a place for world class athletes. Anyone who wants to perform better can benefit from learning how to get into the zone quickly and from knowing how to stay there.

In my new book, Get Into The Zone In Just One Minute: Twenty-One
Simple Techniques To Improve Your Performance, people learn simple methods for managing stress and for getting their mind and their bodies into an ideal performance state.

These methods have been used by top athletes from virtually every sport you think of. However, they are also widely used by executives, attorneys, chief executive officers, stay at home moms and by students who want to perform well on demanding exams. I’ve taught these strategies and techniques to people from all walks of life.

What Is The Zone?

The zone is a state of mind which is marked by a sense of calmness. In addition,
there is a heightened sense of awareness and focus. In this state of mind, there is no self-criticism and the person is living in the present. They are immersed in the here and now. Actions seem effortless and there is an increased belief that your dreams or goals can become achievable and real. In addition, there is also a sense of deep enjoyment when the person is in this unique, special and magical state of being.

Barriers To Getting Into The Zone

If you are nervous, self-critical or not living in the present, you will find it very difficult to get into the zone.

How Do You Get Into The Zone?

The new book, which is now available at Barnes And Noble and outlines techniques which make it simple to change the way you think, feel and respond to physically and psychologically challenging situations. The book, published by World
Audience, Inc. is based on clinical experience with thousands of top achievers.

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. is a Psychotherapist and the Founder of
He has been featured on Good Morning America and in The New York Times.
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